Projects at Kruse Imaging are driven by the desire to work on interesting topics and get out of the office on occasion. These often utilize important underlying technologies which have a broader use. Experience acquired with each project often leads to insights and the opportunity to create new products.

680 Freeway traffic jam Aerial Mapping

Non-tradional aerial mapping can put real-time traffic, fires, weather and emergencies into a geographic context. Utilizing platforms of opportunity and uncalibrated sensors demands a robust approach to automate the mosaicing and georeferencing of this imagery.

Fergusen Slide Hwy 140 Fergusen Slide

GPS referenced Caltrans survey data and onsite multi-view photographs are being prepared for merging into a georeferenced 3D model. Highway 140, the main road into Yosemite National Park, was closed in early 2006 by massive rock slide. For now, a temporary one-lane bypass has been constructed around the slide by Caltrans until a permanent solution is in place.

Pan/Clr Image Registration Image Registration

Accurately overlaying your own data onto online map resources can be difficult. The quality registration of geodata layers is also a prerequisite for data fusion, stereo extraction and visualization.

Cordell Bank Bathymetry Cordell Bank

In 2005, new high resolution bathymetry and sidescan imagery was collected at Cordell Bank by California State University Monterey's Seafloor Mapping Lab for NOAA's Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. This effort updated the best previously existing bathymetry acquired in 1985 by NOAA and processed by Kruse Imaging.

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